Kandé Cococonut Oil Soap with Aloe and Milk

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Kandé Cococonut Oil Soap with Aloe and Milk

Saponified Oils: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil. W/ Milk, Aloe Vera, Oats, Mica and Essential oil blend.

Suggested Use: Acne, Wrinkles, Age Spots, Sun Damage, Fades Scars, Hydrates, Evens Tone and Promotes a healthy looking complexion.

Raw organic goat milk – is rich in alpha hydroxy acids, natural cream, minerals such as selenium, and is pH balanced for your skin. It has many vitamins and is particularly high in vitamin A which is soothing for damaged skin tissue. It also makes for a very creamy luxurious bar of soap.

Aloe: Aloe Vera juice also gives this bar a skin soothing and moisturizing feel.
Based with large amounts of organic coconut oil and some olive oil, and Finished with a flowery blend of essential oils, Your skin is bound to be happy and hydrated on Kandé.


During my childhood days in Tamale, our landlady’s daughter was called Kandé. She was the local beauty! My sister and I often marveled at her skin routine: she would rise daily by 4 am to rub her skin with oils and herbs, sit an hour before showering with more herbs and then slather her skin with expensive oils and creams. This routine although involving paid off in the look and feel of her skin as her skin glow was well talked about.
Kandé was a primary lesson in skin care and this bar is a tribute to all I learned from her.
In this rich blend of aloe, milk, oats and luxe smells, I bring you the delicate and detailed skin routine of ‘sister kandé’ as we all called her.


5 reviews for Kandé Cococonut Oil Soap with Aloe and Milk

  1. Natasha

    The moisture in this soap hits different. Felt my skin feeling more moisturized from day 1. It is probably the milk but you cannot go wrong with Aloe Vera either. It’s a win. I look forward to trying the coffee soap too.

  2. Enam

    I use this soap for my daughter, she is 7 months old and had some rashes . Somehow this works on reducing the rashes so I am sticking to this. Please hurry up with the baby range .

  3. Brenda

    I am in love with the beautiful local names given to the soap as much as I am with the smell of this product.

  4. Akosua

    These soaps makes you want to bath every single minute!! So gentle on your skin not hash at all! I loooooove it!!

  5. Esi

    So I finally started my journey with the Kande bar soap. I am just 3days into using it and honestly I am yet to see the effect on my skin.

    But, the fact that my skin is no longer itchy after taking my bath is the big deal for me.

    Like, I don’t itch after bathing….what a relief! 😍
    That has been a challenge for me. If that’s all I get from the soap….it is more than enough.

    Thank you for the recommendation 😊. Keep up the good works 💪

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